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James Marks Academy Trust home page

The James Marks

Academy Trust

Why is the Trust named after James Marks?

James Marks was a former pupil whom lost his battle against a terminal condition in April 2018.


James joined our provision, like so many others, as an anxious pupil with complex needs and a negative experience of school. During his time with us, we watched him grow into a confident, kind, resilient and enthusiastic young man. His transformation was genuinely second to none. His progress socially, emotionally and academically, typifies the progress we would like all pupils within the trust to make.


When James was very ill, he would come out of hospital and his first request was always, ‘when can I go back to school?’ even in the very late stages, when he was so very poorly. He would arrive in his wheel chair with a ready grin, and a cheery ‘hello’ until his health precluded these visits and inevitably and very sadly, he started losing his long battle; a battle he fought with incredible fortitude, which demonstrated his incredible strength of character and absolute passion for life.


It therefore seems fitting that the Trust should be named in memory of this remarkable young man, who had all of the personal traits the Trust will be looking to foster in all our pupils.

James Marks Academy Trust home page

The James Marks

Academy Trust

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