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James Marks Academy Trust home page

The James Marks

Academy Trust

Comments from Parents

"My child has made amazing progress and I can't speak more highly of the school,  teachers and the head who put the wellbeing of the children first"


"I wish to thank all the staff at Roman Fields for their support and care given to my son, who has made massive progress in his education"


"My child has achieved a lot thanks to the support, kindness, and guidance she receives from all the staff"


"I'm slowly getting my child that loves the learning environment back! Thanks to all the staff at Roman Fields. Best feeling, ever!"


"The outcome has been life changing, not just for my son but for the whole family … our son has become a happier, healthier version of himself since his time at Roman Fields."


"I have seen my child's behaviour and general outlook on life turn to the positive and the future is now rosy"


"You have a miracle school! You have made such a huge difference in my child's life with your understanding and dedication"


"You have changed our lives forever with your phenomenal team!"


"We have been so impressed with by the school's approach to getting the best out of our son in the most imaginative and flexible way... thank you for bringing a ray of hope and sunshine in to our lives"


"I am amazed at the attention to detail and brilliant support my child has received both in pastoral care and academically."


"When I look back to where my child was when he arrived at Roman Fields and where he is now I am amazed. You and your staff have given us our boy back!"


"Roman Fields has been superb in supporting my child- they could not have done more to help both my child and I. Their understanding of autism is second to none as is their utterly flexible approach to lessons on a day to day basis. I cannot praise them highly enough – Head, Teachers, Office staff and Pastoral Care – amazing people!"


"Roman Fields is the only school my son has excelled in. He enjoys school now and I believe that is a big part of his childhood. They have made it enjoyable for him."


"This school has completely changed my sons life. He was at an independent special school before so we have a more relative comparison. But believe me there is none! Cannot credit this school staff enough for their utter dedication to the kids."

James Marks Academy Trust home page

The James Marks

Academy Trust

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James Marks Academy Trust

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Hemel Hempstead,

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