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The James Marks

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The James Marks Academy Trust – How did the trust form? What cohort will the James Marks Academy serve? Why now?

Our existing school, now the Roman Fields Academy (RFA) submitted a bid to the DfE to open a new free school in Welwyn Garden City. Our bid was successful. Following this we embarked on the process of academisation and formed our Multi-Academy Trust (MAT) in April 2021. Our MAT was joined by a second school, the James Marks Academy (JMA), which will be housed in a brand new building, due for completion in September 2024. The new school will support 60 pupils who must have an Education Health and Care Plan (EHCP) from years 7 to 13.


Hertfordshire County Council (HCC) wrote in their specification in 2019, when they approached the DfE for funding: ‘there is a gap in provision for those pupils with ASC or a social communication difficulty, higher academic ability, but significant anxiety, mental health issues, and gaps in their education and associated underachievement’. Adding, ‘a school with a designation for complex needs, as identified above is required as these pupils do not fit well within an SEMH provision, due to the nature of their needs. The impact of combining typical SEMH pupils and this group is that pupils anxiety increases, which impacts on their school and attendance and progress.’ This clearly outlines the profile of the pupils the school is designed to serve.


The new free school will, in the words of HCC, ‘complement the quality of provision made through Roman Fields in the West of Hertfordshire.’


Our mission statement for the Trust is simply: ‘Aspirational for those with SEND’. We are proud of the fact that Ofsted and NAS recognise our ‘never give up attitude’ and ‘child centred approach’.


This is a universal principle, shared by all our dedicated colleagues; some of whom need to be able to access the next step in their careers if we are to retain these quality practitioners in Hertfordshire. In turn, a greater number of vulnerable pupils and their families will benefit from the expertise within the Trust. Our intention is to share this more widely within Hertfordshire by continuing to forge strong partnerships with local schools, colleges and business. Colleagues within the trust are therefore ready and willing to embrace this change and replicate the practice we have developed at RFA over many years.

James Marks Academy Trust home page

The James Marks

Academy Trust

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