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The James Marks

Academy Trust

Finance & Auditing

The Trust employs a CFO who oversees all financial aspects of the Trust in conjunction with the Executive Head (Accounting Officer).


Processes are designed to function in a way that allow key staff to optimise the time available to support pupils. We do this through reviewing our processes continually to ensure maximum efficiency. 


Compliance and setting balanced budgets ensure we utilise our funding fully.  The CFO helps Headteachers set their individual budgets and advises on potential opportunities, or economies, that will allow him, or her to balance their finances without impacting on the quality of their delivery. The CFO produces regular reports for Headteachers throughout the year, so they are aware of their current financial commitments linked to their priorities.  The CFO provides a direct link between Headteachers and the Board of Trustees and takes forward any fiscal requests they may have.


Working with the Trust’s auditors, Streets Chartered Accountants, the Trust’s central finance team ensures all statutory returns are completed on time and accurately, and any improvements to systems and processes are implemented in a prompt and timely manner.

  • Draft audit report preparation.
  • Management of TP, financial and regularity audits.
  • Preparation of individual school and Trust control sheets and fund analysis.
Central Services
  • Organisation of Central Services.
ESFA Financial Returns
  • Prepare all financial and budgetary returns required by the ESFA/DfE.
Financial Management
  • Work with all schools to ensure they meet ‘going concern’ requirements.
  • Lead the Trust’s finance team to ensure appropriate policies, structures and standards in place and provide training as required.
Fixed Assets
  • Central management of fixed assets and depreciation through Parago software.
Fund Management
  • One central bank account to reduce bank charges and ensure robust financial controls.
  • Ensure correct use of central funds – school contributions and improvement funds.
  • Establish an investment structure for the Trust.
Intercompany Transactions
  • Preparation of all intercompany journals after approval.
IT Support for Trust Finance system 
  • Sage 200 for Education finance system cloud based solutions is used. Schools joining the Trust will need to be set up on the system and trained.
  • HFL financial helpdesk support along with the Sage comprehensive help pages.
  • Amendments to structure of system to support school requirements.
Month End Support
  • The CFO will complete month-ends of each school to complete a central review of month end data and report back to the Head Teacher and the Trust board.
  • Initial and on-going finance training.
  • Provision of financial helpdesk support through HFL.
Use of Assets
  • Manage capital bids for the Trust.
  • Work with schools to investigate opportunities for income generation from capital assets.
  • Work with schools to identify opportunities for collaboration (ICT, procurement).
VAT Returns
  • VAT returns to be carried out centrally for all schools in the Trust.


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James Marks Academy Trust home page

The James Marks

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